Ashland, VA, Release:  March 25, 2019. For Immediate Release

Nearly three years after RVACR was established in Ashland, VA, the company will change its name to Eastcoat Concrete Coatings & Rehab LLC.

Richmond Virginia Concrete Resurfacing LLC began in 2016 after moving to Ashland, VA from Riverside, CA.

The owner Jon, has been planning this name change along with other major marketing strategies, website design, photography, and new partnerships with manufacturers.

Eastcoat will continue to serve the Richmond, VA area as well as expanding across Virginia. This name change better reflects the expansion to new territories as well as the anticipation for growth and expansion in the company.

Eastcoat, formally RVA Concrete Resurfacing, has been resurfacing concrete for 20 years using solutions that increase resiliency to stains, tire marks and hide minor imperfections. Eastcoat will add value to your property, by turning back the years on worn out concrete floors to make them look brand new while adding a customized design aspect.

Interested parties can learn more about the services provided by Eastcoat on the company website:

Contact Info:

Organization: Eastcoat Concrete Resurfacing & Rehab LLC

Address: Ashland Virginia

Phone: (804) 489-6262